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Irrigation & Drainage

Irrigation helps radically increase the productivity of farms. Likewise, drainage systems play a complimentary role by ensuring excess water doesn’t choke off air to plants. Irrigation has come a long way from simply being a ditch of water running though a field. Systems, which use pumps and have innovative delivery methods, such as drips, have helped increase production and water conservation. From installations to repairs, irrigation companies can help your business grow. Although a drainage system does the opposite of what an irrigation system does, it is just as important. Drainage products include new innovative pipes that ensure crops are kept healthy and their roots don’t suffocate. By having modern irrigation and drainage systems on your farm, you can make sure that your crops will have enough water resources to grow, but not so much that they will be damaged. Furthermore, new technologies are more efficient, which costs you and the environment less.

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Ace Pump Corp

Ace Pump Corp Show on map

  • 1650 Channel Avenue
  • , Memphis
  • , TN
  • , United States

(901) 948-8514
We Deliver Your Solutions Serving the agriculture community for many years, Ace Pump Corporation also provides engineering pumping sol..

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Aerway Holland Equipment

Aerway Holland Equipment Show on map

  • 20 Phoebe Street
  • , Norwich
  • , ON
  • , Canada

Aerway Holland Equipment, is located at Norwich, Ontario and has been into the business of designing and manufacturing Agricultural and Tur..

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BAS, Inc.

BAS, Inc. Show on map

  • 240 Hwy 24 W
  • , Waynesboro
  • , GA
  • , United States

Located in Waynesboro, Georgia, Bas Inc. specialize within retail of irrigation equipment and steel manufacturing. Products for sales and s..

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Cadman Power Equipment

Cadman Power Equipment Show on map

  • 38 Main St.
  • , PO Box 100
  • , Courtland
  • , ON
  • , Canada

(519) 688-2222
Peter Cadman founded Cadman Power in November 1990. Cadman Power Equipment is a designer, manufacturer and global supplier of irrigation, ..

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CDS John Blue Company

CDS John Blue Company Show on map

  • 165 Electronics Blvd. SW
  • , Huntsville
  • , AL
  • , United States

CDS-John Blue Company was established in the year 1886 and located at Huntsville, Alabama. CDS-John Blue Company, manufactures Agricultural..

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Cypress Industries Ltd.

Cypress Industries Ltd. Show on map

  • Box 247
  • , Cypress River
  • , MB
  • , Canada

Cypress Industries, is a manufacturer of variety of products such as livestock feeding equipment for cattle, bison, horses, elk and hogs et..

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DuraPipe Irrigation

DuraPipe Irrigation Show on map

  • 2000 West Boulevard
  • , PO Box 760
  • , Mexico
  • , MO
  • , United States

(800) 325-0216

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Dynamic Ditchers Inc.

Dynamic Ditchers Inc. Show on map

  • P.O.Box 193
  • , Oakbank
  • , MB
  • , Canada

The Wolverine Ditcher is a state of the art ditching machine developed for ditching agricultural land. The Wolverine combines the features ..

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Frostfree Nosepumps Ltd.

Frostfree Nosepumps Ltd. Show on map

  • P.O. Box 675
  • , Rimbey
  • , AB
  • , Canada

Frostfree Nosepumps have been on the market since 2002. The Frostfree Nosepump will easily accommodate up to 100 head per pump (50 pair or..

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Ideal Pipe

Ideal Pipe Show on map

  • Box 100 - 1100 Ideal Drive
  • , Thorndale
  • , ON
  • , Canada

(519) 473-2669
Ideal Pipe situated in Thorndale, Ontario introduces products and solutions utilized in today's agricultural, commercial, residential, recr..

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Irrigation Plus

Irrigation Plus Show on map

  • 1575 Scotch Line Rd
  • , Elmira
  • , ON
  • , Canada

Irrigation Plus is located in Elmira, Ontario. In addition to irrigation solutions, the company offers quality heavy duty dump trailers and..

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Martin Drainage

Martin Drainage Show on map

  • 8172 Line 2 Wellington N
  • , Arthur
  • , ON
  • , Canada

Martin Drainage, located in Wallenstein, Ontario and is a drainage installation service. In the very beginning, it was manufacturing tiles ..

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Omni Structures International

Omni Structures International Show on map

  • 18 Seapark Drive
  • , Unit #4
  • , St. Catharines
  • , ON
  • , Canada

(905) 687-9011
Located in St. Catharines, Ontario (Niagara Region), Omni Structures International is a leading manufacturer of greenhouses and utility str..

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Outdoor Water Solutions

Outdoor Water Solutions Show on map

  • 1856 Fed X Drive
  • , Springdale
  • , AR
  • , United States

Dugout and pond product. Clean up your dugout and eliminate much, ordor, algae, and prevent fish kills. Outdoor Water Solutions offers a fu..

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Rotary Ditchers

Rotary Ditchers Show on map

  • Box 40
  • , Fawnnystelle
  • , MB
  • , Canada

The faster, easier way to cut and maintain drainage channels. The dirt is spread from 6' -200' as the channel is cut. Works in virtually al..

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Roth Irrigation

Roth Irrigation Show on map

  • 32503 East State Road 2
  • , Harrisonville
  • , MO
  • , United States

Established in 1971, Roth Irrigation are situated in Harrisonville, Missouri specializing in agricultural irrigation equipment. Focusing th..

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Setter Manufacturing Division

Setter Manufacturing Division Show on map

  • 166125, Road 121 N
  • , Box 686
  • , Russell
  • , MB
  • , Canada

Setter Manufacturing Division, manufactures Sprayers and Parts for Agriculture, Turf & Lawn Industry located at Russell, MB. Setter Man..

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SHAC Environmental Products Inc

SHAC Environmental Products Inc Show on map

  • Box 73
  • , Medicine Hat AB
  • , AB
  • , Canada

SHAC's products have been independently researched and field tested for 20 years. SHAC's biostimulants breakdown organics naturally using t..

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Valley Irrigation

Valley Irrigation Show on map

  • 115 Witchard Rd
  • , Fitzgerald
  • , GA
  • , United States

Valley irrigation, established in 1946 are leaders within precision irrigation operate out of 19 office locations and over 500 dealers worl..

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WaterFind Inc

WaterFind Inc Show on map

  • Box 116
  • , Longview
  • , AB
  • , Canada

WaterFind, Inc. is located at Longview, Alberta since last 10 years of experience in locating ground water and evaluating potential sites f..

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Results 1 - 20 of 178