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Seed, chemicals, Fertilizer and other commodities

The basis of any grain farm involves the seeds that are sowed and the fertilizer that is used to help grow them. After harvest they become commodities, which can then be sold through various methods, including brokerages and grain elevators. Seeds range in shape, size and price. The seeds you choose to plant can most likely be found in the catalogs of one of our many vendors. They will provide you with the quantity you need and the quality you expect. Chemicals help on a farm from water treatment to pest control and most importantly in fertilizers. The suppliers listed here are qualified professionals, which will help you attain the chemicals you need in a safe and effective manner. Fertilizers come in many forms, most notably in organic and chemical form. The type of fertilizer you need is unique to your soil and crop. Our expert vendors are here to help you make the right choice.

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A & L Canada Laboratories

A & L Canada Laboratories Show on map

  • 2136 JetStream Rd
  • , London
  • , ON
  • , Canada

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.(A&L) was formed in 1985 with the merger of Croptech Laboratories. The new corporation is a wholly owne..

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Andrews Organics

Andrews Organics Show on map

  • 12878 Rd 209
  • , Oakwood
  • , OH
  • , United States

Located in Oakwood, Ohio, Andrews Organics has been serving the area as organic growers for over 60 years. Products include wheat, sweet an..

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Arnold Feed and Seed

Arnold Feed and Seed Show on map

  • 597 Arnold Road
  • , Campbellsville
  • , KY
  • , United States

Established in 1975 and strategically located in Campbellsville, Kentucky, Arnold Feed and Seed specialize with corn, grass and livestock f..

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Bach-Run Farms Ltd

Bach-Run Farms Ltd Show on map

  • 7614 Perth Rd 121
  • , Listowel
  • , ON
  • , Canada

With a long-standing history in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, Bach-Run Farms is an independent manufacturer of Bach-Run branded hay condi..

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Bardstown Mills

Bardstown Mills Show on map

  • 1393 Withrow Court
  • , Bardstown
  • , KY
  • , United States

Established in 1952, Bardstown Mills, are an agricultural retail outlet located in Bardstown, Kentucky. Sales and service include customize..

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BASF Canada

BASF Canada Show on map

  • 100 Milverton Dr.
  • , Mississauga
  • , ON
  • , Canada

(289) 360-1300
BASF Canada is one of the world's foremost chemical companies. It believes in creating chemistry and strategy, where chemistry plays its ke..

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Benge Farm Supply

Benge Farm Supply Show on map

  • 870 East 4th Street
  • , London
  • , KY
  • , United States

Established in 1928, Benge farm Supply are a retail outlet located in London, Kentucky. Sales and services include large equipment such as ..

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Biovante Show on map

  • 601 S. Walnut St
  • , Suite B
  • , Bernie
  • , MO
  • , United States

Established in 2008, our goal has been to bring innovative growth products to all manner of grower: corn, soybeans, cotton, rice, vegetable..

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Braungardt Ag

Braungardt Ag Show on map

  • 13688 Hwy Y
  • , Bowling Green
  • , MO
  • , United States

Located in Bowling Green, Missouri, Braungardt Ag specialize within retail and distribution of agricultural equipment and supplies. Serving..

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  • 855 Arthur Street S.
  • , RR 2
  • , Elmira
  • , ON
  • , Canada

Established in 1983, Brubacher Drums continues to operate as a family-run business located in Elmira, Ontario. Suppliers of high-quality dr..

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Carso Inc

Carso Inc Show on map

  • 404 S Vine St
  • , Camargo
  • , IL
  • , United States

Established in 1974, Carso Inc. are an agricultural wholesale company. Carso Inc. specializes in seed, agricultural chemicals and fertilize..

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CDS John Blue Company

CDS John Blue Company Show on map

  • 165 Electronics Blvd. SW
  • , Huntsville
  • , AL
  • , United States

CDS-John Blue Company was established in the year 1886 and located at Huntsville, Alabama. CDS-John Blue Company, manufactures Agricultural..

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Country Farm Seeds Ltd.

Country Farm Seeds Ltd. Show on map

  • 18814 Communication Rd
  • , Blenheim
  • , ON
  • , Canada


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Cribit Seeds

Cribit Seeds Show on map

  • 265 Katherine St S
  • , RR 2
  • , West Montrose
  • , ON
  • , Canada

With more than 25 years of experience Cribit Seeds has the expertise in testing and growing high quality spring crops, winter crops, cover ..

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De Dell Seeds Inc.

De Dell Seeds Inc. Show on map

  • 7095 Century Dr.
  • , Melbourne
  • , ON
  • , Canada

De Dell Seeds is one of the few GMO Free seed corn companies, situated in London, Ontario. It was established in 1999 and is known for its ..

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Delmar Commodities

Delmar Commodities Show on map

  • 915 Navigator Dr., Box 1055
  • , Winkler
  • , MB
  • , Canada

Delmar Commodities Ltd. is a locally owned & operated grain company since 1995. We are an agent of the CWB, licensed & bonded with ..

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Devolder Farms Inc.

Devolder Farms Inc. Show on map

  • 26439 Kennedy Rd.
  • , Dover Centre
  • , ON
  • , Canada

Devolder Farms is a family owned and operated business and has been active in the farming community for over 30 years. Devolder Farms can d..

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Doerfler Farms

Doerfler Farms Show on map

  • 12333 Silver Falls Hwy
  • , Aumsville
  • , OR
  • , United States

Located in Aumsville, Oregon, Doerfler farms are a leader in “cool-season” grass seed. With distribution spanning the globe, Do..

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Dupont Canada

Dupont Canada Show on map

  • 1919 Minnesota Court
  • , PO Box 2200
  • , Mississauga
  • , ON
  • , Canada

DuPont Canada Incorporation is the world leader in market driven science and innovation, which is situated globally but headquartered in Mi..

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Farmers of North America

Farmers of North America Show on map

  • 318-111 Research Drive
  • , Saskatoon
  • , SK
  • , Canada

Farmers of North America Company is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It has grown more than 10,000 farmer members across North America i..

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Results 1 - 20 of 308