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1666 Dublin Avenue, Winnipeg,
MB, Canada, R3H 0H1
Phone: 204-944-5755 is the portal to the award-winning resources of Farm Business Communications, Canada’s largest publisher of newspapers and magazines for farmers. Ag Canada contains online connections to Country Guide, Grainews, Canadian Cattlemen, the Manitoba Co-operator, Alberta Farmer Express and Horses All, and access to their digital editions — the print publications in a searchable online format. also publishes the Daily News, a news service for farmers across Canada and also available free each weekday morning in a Daily E-mail newsletter, which keeps you updated with the upcoming conferences, meetings and trade shows by way of online events listings present on the site.

Ag Canada also provides connections to crop market reports and observations by Resource News International hot off the virtual “trading floor” of ICE Futures Canada, as well as by columnists Brian Wittal and David Drozd.

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