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Bushel Plus

Bushel Plus

Bushel Plus

Box 20123, Brandon,
MB, Canada, R7A 6Y8
Phone: 833-DROP-PAN

From German Ag Engineering, to the heart of the prairies, there is one thing that Bushel Plus believes in: better farming. Farming that is safer. Farming that produces results. That’s why Bushel Plus developed a drop pan solution that replaces old, dangerous activities with safety and convenience, creating easy and accurate results that help maximize combine efficiency.

Based in Brandon, MB, owners Marcel & Chris have tirelessly sought to use their knowledge and passion to improve farm efficiency. Joining forces with the best combine specialists in the world led to the development of the Bushel Plus System. Since it’s inception in 2018, Bushel Plus has worked with multiple combine manufacturers and dealers to incorporate it into their internal training, customer combine clinics and prototype testing.

In short, the team at Bushel Plus lives and breaths combines.

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