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Cleanfarms Inc

Cleanfarms Inc

Cleanfarms Inc

400-10 Four Seasons Place,Etobicoke,
ON, Canada, M9B 6H7

Phone: 1 877-622-4460

Farmers are among the most environmentally conscious people. Their livelihood depends on the health of the land and the natural environment. Cleanfarms offers programs to help farmers responsibly manage the waste products they generate on the farm. They work together with farmers to create a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.

To help farmers better manage their waste, Cleanfarms partners with agri-retailers and municipalities across the country to make their programs available to farmers in every region. They play an important role in protecting the environment by keeping recyclable materials out of landfills and burn piles.

Empty container recycling and unwanted pesticide and animal health medication collections are available from coast to coast. Cleanfarms manages programs for additional materials like bags and other ag plastics in select areas.

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