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Hi Qual Engineered Structures Ltd.

Hi Qual Engineered Structures Ltd.

Hi Qual Engineered Structures Ltd.

399 Ravenhurst St.,Winnipeg,
MB, Canada, R2C 5K3

Phone: 204-224-3269 ext 202

HiQual Engineered Structures Ltd. (HiQual) has operated since 1978 manufacturing high quality livestock handling equipment and fabric covered storage buildings and structures.

HiQual is committed to the engineering standards that are required to meet the needs of consumers.  The company adheres to the engineering standards that are mirrored in the National Building Code and other regulations within Canada and the United States.  HiQual even appoints independent engineering services to ensure that their building products are uncompromised.  HiQual is also Canadian Welding Bureau certified, further ensuring the quality of each product.

HiQual has recently expanded manufacturing capacity with the completion of its new plant addition in 2008 allowing HiQual to support the strong growth potential across North America and abroad.  The goal, as always, to offer a top-quality product at a competitive price all the while providing superior customer service and support.  HiQual continues to work with its dealers and customers to develop new products that reflect and benefit the market they are serving.

HiQual products are finished with a distinctive HiQual-Brown Powder Paint.  HiQual's paint has become recognized in the industry for long lasting quality and a lead free, glass-like, non-abrasive finish to prevent any premature wear.  HiQual has partnered with one of the leading paint suppliers in North America to develop and continually refine the HiQual-Brown Powder Paint and its application process.  By starting with the selection of only the highest quality steel, and coupled with a multi-stage wash and cleaning system, they ensure that the surface is ready to accept the HiQual Brown Powder Paint.  The products are all baked at 450 degrees resulting in an extremely durable, corrosion and abrasion resistant finish.

HiQual proudly stands behind its products, offering a well-trained and dedicated sales and marketing team who continue to make customers their top priority and are able to guide you through the planning and purchasing process.  The ideals of quality and service are paramount as HiQual grows its brand.

OUR VISION- to be the leader in metal-based manufacturing of agricultural and building equipment, incorporating unique products.

OUR MISSION- to supply the best possible quality livestock and building products at competitive prices with a high level of customer service, on-time delivery and quality.

OUR VALUES- Honesty/Respect/Professionalism/Timeliness/ Teamwork/ Value our Employees, Customers and Suppliers Equally/ Fair and Ethical Community Minded Coporate Citizen

HiQual currently has dealers across Canada and the Mid-West United States.  The company is focused on expanding its penetration across North America and internationally to broaden their reach and foster opportunities for growth.  HiQual offers the best fabric covered buildings and livestock handling equipment on the market today and welcome you to learn more about the company and products by continuing to explore this website.

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