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Miska Trailer Factory

Miska Trailer Factory

Miska Trailer Factory

3-1056 Hwy 6 N, Hamilton,
ON, Canada, L8N 2Z7
Phone: 905-689-6818

MISKA TRAILER FACTORY™ is a utility trailer manufacturer based in Hamilton, Ontario. Since 1994, MISKA TRAILER FACTORY™ has grown to become the recognized leader in the utility trailer manufacturing industry.

MISKA TRAILERS™ continues its tradition by manufacturing superior quality utility trailers, at the most cost effective price, using the most innovative designs.

MISKA TRAILERS™ does not have dealers. This means the consumer buys trailers directly from the factory, at factory direct pricing.

MISKA TRAILERS™ offers the best quality and valued utility trailers in the industry, largely due to highly qualified and dedicated employees who demand the best for their customers, and by purchasing bulk quantity and the lowest price possible to save you money.

The staff at MISKA TRAILERS™ has years of "hands on" experience in the utility trailer manufacturing industry, from experienced sales people, marketing, accounting, manufacturing and business related personnel, to engineering specialists.

The ownership and employees at MISKA TRAILERS™ invite you to come visit the factory, and show you why we stand behind our trailers with such confidence and pride.

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