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Novid Inc.

Novid Inc.

Novid Inc.

Box 184,Rosenort,
MB, Canada, R0G 1W0

Phone: 1-204-746-2011

Novid Inc. was formed in Rosenort, Manitoba in 2002 when Rosenort Agro saw the need for stainless steel liquid fertilizer tanks. Their carbon steel tanks were not reliable enough to put thousands of dollars worth of fertilizer into, and were not lasting long enough. With stainless steel outlasting carbon steel 3 to 1, the choice was easy.

Novid Inc.has grown into a well known stainless steel manufacturer in the Canadian prairies. Our tanks are manufactured only in stainless steel, ranging from 5,300 to 64,500 imperial gallons. Each tank comes with an 18" manway, 3/4" sight tube gauge, roof vent, lifting lugs, anchor tabs, 3" coupler(fill), and a 4" coupler(suction).

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