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Schulte Industries Ltd.

Schulte Industries Ltd.

Schulte Industries Ltd.

PO Box 70,Englefeld,
SK, Canada, S0K 1N0

Phone: 306-287-3715

  • Schulte Variable Tillage VTX-300, VTX-420

Shulte Industries began in 1912 in Englefeld, Saskatchewan.  It features rotary cutters, rock removal equipment, snow removal, fertilizer spreaders, and variable tillage products.

Tillage equipment that can perform both pure Vertical Tillage or High Speed Tillage / Residue Management.  The flexibility of this machines capability is a result of the varying disc angle that can be adjusted from the tractor while operating.

  • Schulte DHX-600

The DHX-600 or Disk Harrow is a disc and heavy harrow combination tool.  It incorporates a traditional 5 bar, 26” long 5/8” tine heavy harrow design along with two rows of material sizing/ground engaging discs.  The wavy discs have a 7.2” spacing and can be engaged or disengaged during harrow use.

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