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Varmit Getter

Varmit Getter

Varmit Getter

130 N. Main Street, ROSTHERN SK (p) 306-232-4212, 
Payette ,
ID, United States, 83661
Phone: 208-642-9889

Varmitgetter is the original remote control device for burrowing pests


*The VARMIT getter is a device for controlling the populations of burrowing rodents, such as gophers, ground squirrels, moles and even badgers, thus greatly reducing the damage they cause to crops, irrigation systems, and landscaping. It is designed for efficiency on large acreages. No poisons are used, making it safe for organic applications. This method kills instantly by concussion so it is more humane than poisons or traps, for pennies a shot. Our device can be backfilled in tunnel systems/burrows, containing the concussion, and controlling the noise level, making this device very cost effective to operate. If you hear a "bang" your losing 75% or more of your concussion kill. In sensitive areas, such as sidewalks, underground irrigation and foundations, there can be a suffocation method applied without ignition. We have found the original is more pliable for smaller rodent such as gophers, moles voles, ground squirrels, etc. Call our toll free number (1-877-XVARMIT) to find out about our combo package with both applicators and one gas mixing system if you have both small and large pests.

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