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Land Management

Land Management is an integral part of any farm operation. It has always been in practice and has evolved in recent years to meet the challenges of the future. Products and services range greatly and offer different benefits. These businesses are professional and are here to help you. Products in the land management category are crucial to efficiently operating a farm with both fields and livestock. Products range from electric fencing to herd and protect livestock from predators, to netting orchards in order to secure them from pests. Proper land management mitigates the risk of losing assets and maximizes growth potential. The service providers listed below offer products that will meet your needs as a business. Whether it’s for predator control, pest control or herding needs, these businesses can help you. Contact one today and make sure your most valuable assets are protected.

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A.G. Hayter Contracting Ltd

A.G. Hayter Contracting Ltd Show on map

  • 70098 Grand Bend Line
  • , Parkhill
  • , ON
  • , Canada

A.G. Hayter Contracting Ltd is a licensed drainage contractor located in Parkhill Ontario, serving the surrounding area. Some of the servic..

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Ace Pump Corp

Ace Pump Corp Show on map

  • 1650 Channel Avenue
  • , Memphis
  • , TN
  • , United States

(901) 948-8514
We Deliver Your Solutions Serving the agriculture community for many years, Ace Pump Corporation also provides engineering pumping sol..

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BAM Enterprises

BAM Enterprises Show on map

  • Box 45
  • , Avonlea
  • , SK
  • , Canada

BAM Enterprises is the Livestock, Equipment and Feed supplying company. BAM Enterprises, is located at Avonlea, Saskatchewan. The product l..

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Cypress Industries Ltd.

Cypress Industries Ltd. Show on map

  • Box 247
  • , Cypress River
  • , MB
  • , Canada

Cypress Industries, is a manufacturer of variety of products such as livestock feeding equipment for cattle, bison, horses, elk and hogs et..

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Dow Agrosciences Canada Inc.

Dow Agrosciences Canada Inc. Show on map

  • 2400, 215 - 2nd Street SW
  • , Calgary
  • , AB
  • , Canada

Dow AgroSciences Canada Incorporation is situated in Calgary, Alberta. It makes innovation to life in the area of crop, seed production and..

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Dwyer Manufacturing Ltd.

Dwyer Manufacturing Ltd. Show on map

  • 43709 Summerhill Rd.
  • , RR 1
  • , Dublin
  • , ON
  • , Canada

(519) 527-2285
Dwyer Manufacturing Limited was established in 1994 by Joe and Teri Dwyer joined later by sons Dan and Eric. They are located in Dublin, On..

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Greenville Liquid Plant Food

Greenville Liquid Plant Food Show on map

  • 2499 Perth Line 43
  • , RR 1
  • , Stratford
  • , ON
  • , Canada

Greenville Liquid Plan Food is a distributer of Nutra-Flo crop products that will help you produce high-yield cash crops. Most notable is P..

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Lakeland Group

Lakeland Group Show on map

  • 1 Limestone Drive
  • , Box 1310
  • , Stonewall
  • , MB
  • , Canada

Lakeland Group’s business has been built on honesty, integrity & customer service and focuses on providing premium products with ..

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Marvara Show on map

  • 7835 6th Line
  • , Drayton
  • , ON
  • , Canada

Marvara offers a unique approach to land reclamation that is efficient, faster than conventional methods and offers land that is ready to u..

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Monsanto BioAg

Monsanto BioAg Show on map

  • Krogshoejvej 36
  • , Bagsvaerd
  • , Denmark

Monsanto Bioag/Novozymes is an agricultural biotechnology company located in Denmark and helps to discover, develop and produce microbial s..

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Norheim Ranching

Norheim Ranching Show on map

  • Tamke Road
  • , Saskatoon
  • , SK
  • , Canada

Established in 2001, Norheim Ranching Carries on a 40 Year Legacy in the Saskatchewan Agriculture Industry. Independently owned and operat..

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Omni Structures International

Omni Structures International Show on map

  • 18 Seapark Drive
  • , Unit #4
  • , St. Catharines
  • , ON
  • , Canada

(905) 687-9011
Located in St. Catharines, Ontario (Niagara Region), Omni Structures International is a leading manufacturer of greenhouses and utility str..

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Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association

Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association Show on map

  • 1 Stone Road West
  • , Guelph
  • , ON
  • , Canada

(519) 826 4214
Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association is an individual non-profit organization that represents all material groups across the regio..

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Precision Fence Co Inc

Precision Fence Co Inc Show on map

  • PO Box 751
  • , New Castle
  • , KY
  • , United States

Strategically located in New Castle, Kentucky, Precision fencing are a full-service fencing installation and maintenance company. Services ..

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Roth Irrigation

Roth Irrigation Show on map

  • 32503 East State Road 2
  • , Harrisonville
  • , MO
  • , United States

Established in 1971, Roth Irrigation are situated in Harrisonville, Missouri specializing in agricultural irrigation equipment. Focusing th..

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Schill Farms

Schill Farms Show on map

  • 7556 1st Line West Garafraxa
  • , RR 3
  • , Arthur
  • , ON
  • , Canada

Schill Ag Partners is a farm operating service company located in Arthur, Ontario and believes in better farm management practices. Schill ..

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Schippers of Canada Ltd.

Schippers of Canada Ltd. Show on map

  • 7102 52nd Street Bay #18
  • , Lacombe
  • , AB
  • , Canada

Schippers of Canada Limited is located in Lacombe, Alberta. It offers various products and services for farmers that allows farmers to impr..

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South Nation Conservation

South Nation Conservation Show on map

  • 38 Victoria Street
  • , PO Box 29
  • , Finch
  • , ON
  • , Canada

South Nation Conservation located in the city of Finch, Ontario works on watershed management to protect the environment and give healthy r..

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Wheatheart Manufacturing

Wheatheart Manufacturing Show on map

  • Box 39
  • , Rosenort
  • , MB
  • , Canada

Since 1973, Wheatheart Manufacturing, has been in the business of a comprehensive line of Grain Handling and Fencing equipment including po..

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Williams Drainage

Williams Drainage Show on map

  • 6694 Line 87
  • , RR 1
  • , Listowel
  • , ON
  • , Canada

Since 1984,Williams Drainage Inc. has provided quality agricultural drainage systems to the ag industry. Areas of specialty include farm dr..

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Results 1 - 20 of 99