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Lakeland Group

Lakeland Group

Lakeland Group

1 Limestone Drive, Box 1310, 
MB, Canada, R0C 2Z0
Phone: 1-866-443-7444

Lakeland Group’s business has been built on honesty, integrity & customer service and focuses on providing premium products with premium service direct to your door.

Lakeland Group is the farmer / ranchers one stop shop for all your livestock handling, animal health and land management needs. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff are always ready to help you plan your next project. Let us provide you with the tools to make your life simpler, easier & safer.

Our line of Northstar products utilizes many years of experience in livestock handling for farmers & ranchers across North America and indeed, globally.

Lakelands livestock handling products are precision engineered from first grade materials to provide you, the user, with the best livestock handling equipment in the marketplace.

At Lakeland, we insist on high standards of workmanship – we know our quality is what you depend on for your livelihood. Each product is checked for quality at various stages through the production process with special attention paid to smallest details such as weld strength & durability.

Lakeland Group talks about their Portable Cattle Handling System.

This is the IVQC Squeeze Chute from the Lakeland Group. Visit our website at to see this product and many more. Our online catalogue: Product Codes: IVSC -- Deluxe Q-Catch Vet Squeeze Chute IVQC -- Deluxe Q-Catch Vet Squeeze Chute incl HDSWP

View Lakeland Group's cattle brush oiler in action! With no prompting, a cow grooms herself on the cattle brush equipment. Visit our website at to see this product and many more.

This is one of many configurations of cattle handling equipment on offer from the Lakeland Group. In this demo, you will see a very basic chute and headgate demo using our q-catch headgate and squeeze chute components, among others. To view these and other components available to you to build your own custom cattle system, please visit us at Our online catalogue:

An overview of some of the components of the Lakeland Group's cattle system, including one of our q-catch squeeze chutes. View all of the components of the Lakeland Group's cattle system online at our website: Our online catalogue:

Here is a "cow's eye" view of the Lakeland Group cattle handling system. This is one of many different configurations possible with the wide range of cattle handling equipment on offer from the Lakeland Group. To see these components and all of the other cattle handling equipment we offer, please visit our website:

View the basic procedure one follows when using a Lakeland Group q-catch headgate as part of a cattle management system. You will get to see all of the basic features of a q-catch enabled cattle system. To see more about our q-catch headgates and squeeze chutes, visit our website at

Watch a brief example of sheep running through an example set-up of the Lakeland Group's sheep crowding tub and chute system. These are some of the components we sell for your sheep handling needs, but we have these and many more online: Sheep and Goat Handling Equipment: Configuration on display in this video (SKU - WCCT):

See our Deluxe Spin Trim Chute for use with sheep and goats in this video from the Lakeland Group. This time, we show an actual sheep inside of the device, and you can also see some of our chute and crowding tub equipment in the background. Lakeland Group offers a full range of Sheep and Goat handling equipment, which you can find on our website: Another video of our Deluxe Spin Trim Chute: See it in our online catalogue: See all of our Sheep and Goat handling equipment:

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